Conference for mobile developers

Russia, Saint-Petersburg, April 21-22, 2017

Congress Centre PetroCongress, Lodeynopolskaya Str. 5

iOS app development process: from an idea to the result

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Developers often talk about efficient ways of writing code: what language is faster and more concise, what architectural approach is simpler and more flexible, how tests will solve all the world problems. But the process of creating, developing and supporting of a mobile app does not consist solely of the writing code. It also includes task management, design, testing, localization, deploy, monitoring and different fields — all of them taking developer time.

In this talk Igor will speak about decisions made in Badoo to optimize the workflow. Topics he plans to cover:

  • Organizing a repository
  • Creating a helper bot
  • Process of developing a feature
  • Testing and bugfixing
  • Team organization
  • Localization
  • Monitoring

Igor Kashkuta, Badoo

Igor is iOS developer at Badoo who previously got a lot of experience working at 2GIS. He’s interested in UI technologies, follows news about programming languages and some other OSS projects.

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