Conference for mobile developers

Russia, Saint-Petersburg, April 21-22, 2017

Congress Centre PetroCongress, Lodeynopolskaya Str. 5

MVP — typical tasks and approaches to solving them in Moxy

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Lately the MVP adoption is going through the roof, as the number of approaches to its implementation. But not all the approaches are equally good. This talk will examine the challenges that appear in implementing MVP, their solutions, and how they can be avoided. After that you'll be able to love MVP again using Moxy, or take ideas from Moxy and use them by your own.

Yuri Shmakov, Arello Mobile

Yuri is a fan of Android who is into Android app development for about 6 years, both at work and in spare time. He likes to take the challenges that arise due to Android being a system for both large and small devices, cheap and expensive, with different performance. He loves to discuss the architecture of mobile applications and approaches to solving problems associated with the life cycle and asynchronous tasks.

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