Conference for mobile developers

Russia, Saint-Petersburg, April 21-22, 2017

Congress Centre PetroCongress, Lodeynopolskaya Str. 5

React Native: Survival Guide

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You already have a Flickr client made with React Native, but you doubt if you can manage a commercial app? Or the project is already on you but every step is a pain? You got how to make UI, but form validation is a hard nut? You heard there is Redux, but fear to death to try?

Stop worrying. We will talk why would we need an external state, why use a context in React Native, why action creators can return the functions and so on.

Vladimir Ivanov, EPAM

Vladimir's main skill is Android applications development, but his interest in mobile it not limited to the Android platform. In addition to his experience with Android exceeding 6 years, he has a couple of years of Windows Phone experience, a year with iOS and some server side Java experience, but lately he is really enthusiastic about React Native.

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