Conference for mobile developers

Russia, Saint-Petersburg, April 21-22, 2017

Congress Centre PetroCongress, Lodeynopolskaya Str. 5

Mobile First...

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Being deeply submerged into our current projects, favorite platforms, toolsets, libraries and frameworks, quite often we don’t notice the very first and subtle signs of upcoming global changes in market demand for our mobile development skills until it’s too late. Sometimes our developer inner-self gives in to wishful thinking and sometimes we just close our eyes and hope for the best.

So, what to do to stay relevant? You should actively share your own professional experience as well as analyze experience of others. Sometimes you should really forget about your own technical preferences and start thinking more about your customers and end users’ goals and challenges.

In this talk I would like to share dramatical changes which we, consulting company, can see in European market demand of mobile development skills. We will talk about endless problem of choice between native iOS/Android development, mobile web, Cordova, Xamarin, React Native and even Unity 3D in non-gaming mobile scenarios.

Michael Samarin, Futurice

Michael speaks at conferences, teaches, codes, manages a team of developers and holds a Microsoft MVP title. His vast experience ranges from developing mobile apps to interactive media installations and video surveillance systems. He currently works at Finnish company Futurice that repeatedly won the "Best Place to Work in Europe" contest.

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