Conference for mobile developers

Russia, Saint-Petersburg, April 21-22, 2017

Congress Centre PetroCongress, Lodeynopolskaya Str. 5

Writing truly testable code

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Many developers understand why testing is so important, but not everyone is writing tests on a daily basis. One of the most common issues is that it’s hard to test a codebase that was not designed to be testable. This talk will cover how to write code that can be tested easily. We will also talk about introducing testing to an existing not-test-ready codebase. While things like Android, MVP, Kotlin, and Rx will be used in examples, understanding of these technologies is not strictly required. Also, the approach itself is generic enough to be used on any platform or with any language.

Anton Rutkevich, Juno

Anton has been developing for Android since late 2010. Made a long way from a CTO to an engineer. Passionate about clean code/architecture and testing, he is also a big fan of complex CI systems with 'one button to rule them all'. At Juno, develops an Android app in Kotlin + Rx for almost two years. One of the Google Developer Group Minsk organizers and an active speaker.

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