Конференция для разработчиков мобильных приложений

21-22 апреля 2017, Санкт-Петербург

Конгрессный Центр «ПетроКонгресс», Лодейнопольская улица, дом 5

ConstraintLayout all the things!

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ConstraintLayout recently got to the 1.0 version, so it’s time to give it attention. It seems to be similar to RelativeLayout, but has more features, some say that performance is better too, and the tooling in new versions of Android Studio is also cool.

This talk will not only show you how to use ConstraintLayout and how to how to convert apps to it, but will also dig deep into layout itself to see how it actually works, why it's better than nested layouts and even how to make animations using it!

Aleksander Piotrowski, Applause

Backend developer turned mobile. After years as C/Python developer living a dream as an Android developer. Loves Xamarin and would love to speak about it but no one seems to care.

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