Конференция для разработчиков мобильных приложений

21-22 апреля 2017, Санкт-Петербург

Конгрессный Центр «ПетроКонгресс», Лодейнопольская улица, дом 5

The Mysterious Swift Performance

День 2 /  / Зал 3  /  EN / Для практикующих инженеров /

This talk is for developers that already know Swift a little, and for the ones who want to learn more about Swift features. Marcin is an author of CryptoSwift, and during his research, the speaker has found patterns that make code written in Swift less or more performant. Marcin will discuss the current status of Swift compiler and syntax regarding how the compiler can optimize source code, and how that affects milliseconds in runtime.

Marcin Krzyżanowski, PSPDFKit GmbH

Software developer who works on mobile applications in these days. With the head full of ideas, in the spare time, he creates new projects and contributes himself back to OSS community. The author of Natalie, CryptoSwift and ObjectivePGP. Trying to bring privacy to the masses with PrivacyApp.io. Infrequent blogger.

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