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21-22 апреля 2017, Санкт-Петербург

Конгрессный Центр «ПетроКонгресс», Лодейнопольская улица, дом 5

Writing Swift code with great testability

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When starting to write code in Swift, many of us have had to rethink the way we set up our code for testing. The static & safe nature of Swift can make testing a bit cumbersome at first, but in this talk John will demonstrate some techniques that could make your code a lot easier & more fun to test.

John Sundell, Hyper

John has been building apps, tools and games for Apple's platforms since the early days of the iOS SDK. He has built apps and frameworks for companies like Volvo and Spotify, and is the creator of many widely used iOS open source projects, like Unbox, SwiftPlate, Files & The Hub Framework.

These days he’s working for Hyper, while continuing his open source adventure and spending whatever time is left on creating indie games.

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